Got questions? We’ve got some answers.


Is your photo booth open or enclosed?

Our photo booths are completely OPEN. There are no walls or curtains so let loose, jump around, and strike a pose. We want to create a fun and engaging environment for everyone so grab all your friends and jump in the photo.

Can you price match this company?
Unfortunately we don’t price match… or perhaps fortunately? There are definitely differences between companies in terms of price, quality and service.  Most importantly, you want to know that the company you hire will fulfill their promises. We truly believe in our brand, our product, our service, and most of all the EXPERIENCE we create for clients and their guests. We have AND STILL find new ways to make your photo booth experience worth your investment. We strive to be more than a photo booth. We have many repeat clients – personal and corporate clients.  That speaks volumes about our service because individuals and businesses trust us to capture memories and create an amazing experience for their guests. We won’t bore you with some of the horror stories we’ve heard about these $299 photo booth specials.
Is setup and breakdown included?

Setup AND breakdown IS included with each and every package. The time it takes us to setup and breakdown are not counted against your photo booth time. If you booked a three-hour experience you can take photos for three complete hours.

Are there any travel fees?
We service Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and surrounding counties as well. Still wondering? Feel free to shoot us an email and see.  
Are props included?

Props are absolutely included. We have curated and created a an awesome set of props to fit a variety of events. You’ll find only quality here and none of that cheesy stuff. If you have a specific theme and/or want customized props please feel free to let us know what you have in mind (charges apply)

Do I have to use a backdrop?

Not at all. We can be placed in the middle of a room, use a wall at your venue, use a backdrop you may have created… the possibilities are endless. Need a custom backdrop or set designed for an idea you may have? Email us with your ideas (and photos if you have any) and we can quote you on what it will take to make that a reality.

Is there a deposit required?

We do require a $400 retainer to put your date on hold. This means we retain the date for you and your special event.

Will we get all the photos after?
Indeed. We provide you a beautifully hosted online gallery with ALL of the high resolution images. Each and every photo also goes through our own special beautification process. You will receive a link and instructions to download the photos which you are more than welcome to share with all of your guests. If you’re in the mood for something more tangible… we do offer beautifully customized USB drives with their own beautiful boxes BOTH engraved with whatever you would like.
How does the Splendid Booth work?

While each booth is technically self-sufficient and touch screen operated… our professional onsite attendant will assist all of your guests. The onsite attendant is there to ensure a great experience for you and your guests and to make the process as streamlined as possible. Go ahead, grab a prop and strike a pose… we’ll get it started for you.

Is there a limit to how many photos we can take?

There is no limit whatsoever! Take as many photos the entire evening to your hearts content. Trust us, there’s always one that does just that.


What's a GIF?

In short, a GIF is a short looping video clip of people being all sorts of silly, crazy, awesome.

Does the GIF Booth print photos?

Our GIF Booth package does not print photos as a standard. However, we have add-ons that allow prints and add-ons to our photo booth that allow basic GIFs

What's a Boomerang GIF

A Boomerang GIF is a burst of 15-20 photos that are combined to make a looping video that goes forward and then backward and then forward… you get the point.

What's the Splash Pack GIF

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How do people get their GIFs?

Once a GIF is created users will immediately have the option to share it via SMS or Email. From there, they get a link to a branded micro-site where they can view the GIF and share it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even download them.

Can GIFs be branded?

Of course! We can even make animated branding to go along with the GIF.


Can we customize the Instagram Photos when they print?

Of Course. Our design team will work with you beforehand to customize the photos with your own unique design and/or brand.

What size are the photos?

The photos print out on 6×4 photo quality paper.

Can we brand the Hashtag Printer?

Yes, our hashtag printing kiosk is customizable to be brand wrapped much like our photo booth is. We will also have a unique display to inform users what to do and the hashtag to use with additional branding opportunities.

Do we need a backdrop or props?

While the purpose of the hashtag printer is to capture the event from any AND everywhere we can definitely provide a backdrop and props (extra fees apply) This could potentially also serve to bring an instagram-based photo booth run by your event guests!

Is internet required?

Indeed. We do bring our own hotspot, but if we have the reliability of the venue wifi all the better.

My account is on private... will it still work?

Users accounts must be set to PUBLIC when posting the photo. They may set it back to private afterward, but as long as the photo is posted while public it will work.


Is the selfie-stand manned?

The Selfie-Stand doesn’t need any close supervision, can be run without an attendant, managed and deployed remotely,
and is simple to operate.

Can we brand the kiosk?

Of course, we actually highly suggest to do so for maximum branding.

Does the Selfie-Stand print?

The Splendid Social was created strictly with social media in mind. In essence, it is created as a digital only, social media sharing photo booth. If you are interested in prints please inquire about our photo booth packages.

What ares do you service?

We can deploy the Selfie-Stand worldwide.


What platforms can we share our photo to?

We can share to most of the major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You have the option to email and/or text as well.

Can we insert custom messages?

Indeed. We can send out the photos with a customised message of your choosing that may include #hashtags, @userids, or anything you can think of.


Can we provide you the background images?

You sure can. You may definitely supply your own artwork OR we can curate images and send them over to you for approval.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at [email protected]