We love working with non-profit and not for profit organizations. While we would love to serve, sponsor, and work with each and every one of you, we receive requests on a daily basis. We came up with a win-win situation that would still provide a complimentary or highly discounted photo experience for you and your organization.
Our suggestion would be to reach out to individuals and companies who have expressed interest in donating/sponsoring or are already doing so. In essence, you could have one or multiple companies cover a portion or all of your photo expenses. When you reach out, pitching the possibility of branding opportunities with the photo booth is an excellent way to have one at your event. We provide many branding touch points that potential sponsors may want to take advantage of.
Branded Photos
Admit it, people love taking pictures and even more so when they can take home a physical copy. We design customized templates with different text and/or graphics (logos), so guests go home with branded photo strips or postcards that they hang on their fridge. This can be done for multiple sponsors.  
Branded Social Media Messages
– Email
– Text Message
– Facebook
– Twitter
– Instagram
– Data Capture
Social Media Kiosks
With social media kiosks guests not only receive a print but can also instantly share it on social media. We offer the option to add a personal message to the photo when your guest shares it via the kiosk. For your sponsors/donors, we can include a custom message that might have #hashtags and/or @userids to generate more social media buzz or collect emails for data capture purposes.
Custom Banners
Custom Banners such as step & repeats provide a broad canvas for visual brand awareness at the event. Physically,  having a step and repeat with your client(s) logos as a photo booth backdrop can be an excellent way to attract sponsorship. We can have one or multiple companies logos printed onto the banner.
Another thought – Is your event a ticketed one? Try including the cost of the photo booth in the ticket sales. Adding in a few extra dollars to each ticket is an easy way to generate funds to pay for your photo experience.