After hundreds of events, we’ve realized that privacy issues and passwords tend to be problematic. Simply put, some people (including ourselves) just don’t remember their social media passwords. One of our aims is to eliminate password issues at the kiosk, because who can ever remember their Facebook password anyway? Many of us do NOT know our social media logins (and you may be nodding as you read this). Guests not knowing their password leads to a bottleneck at the sharing kiosk (which is why we sometimes recommend having more than one). You can eliminate this headache by only enabling email or text so that guests are presented with a preview and a link to the microsite. From the microsite and within the comforts of their own computers they will have the option of sharing to social media.
On the flip side, other users tend to have objections with entering their social media information. By creating a microsite and encouraging people to email or text their content we’ve resolved this issue. Besides, a staggering 98% of individuals would prefer to email or text their photo anyway.
Also, a microsite can provide support to your brand and drive further awareness of products or services. Microsites help maximize the exposure of your event and provide a seamless experience for your guests. Since it is much like a web page, we can integrate logos, backgrounds, color schemes, etc.. Microsites are invaluable and an easy way to increase your reach beyond the event. We even see individuals still downloading and sharing their images weeks afterward.
Since the microsite is a web page, after all, one may harness the power of HTML to enhance the guest experience even further.
Things we’ve done previously include:
* Added a “Call to Action(s)”
* Embedded videos
* Google Analytics script to get more detailed analysis
* Additional branding
* Additional data capture and impressions
If you are looking to promote a particular campaign, new product, increase brand awareness, or just want more interaction in general then yes! Now that you have a clear understanding of a microsite and its importance why not have one created for your event?  Here at Splendid, we can help guide you to the best course of action in implementing one. We can create one for you, work with your team to create one or provide you with the necessary information to have your in-house team take care of it. The choice is yours on how you would like to handle the design, but if you would like to get get a move on it then contact us today to get started.

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