Great reasons on why you should use a photo experience for marketing and corporate events


Visual marketing is no longer a suggestion, but vital to the success of any marketing strategy Whether it’s a photo booth, GIF or a picture snapped from your iPhone the power and value of visual content are impossible to ignore. The way people, especially the younger generation, consume content is forever changing. It is vital for you as a marketer or planner and us as a creative agency to adapt and stay relevant. There is no better time than now to start incorporating images into your social media strategy.

photo booth for corporate events

The statistics are eye-opening when it comes to the impact that photos and video play. Simply put, visual content is 40x more likely to be shared on social media than other types of content. Not only that, but photos showing faces get 38% more likes than photos not showing faces. Photo booth pictures and GIFs are the perfect kind of visual content that garners engagement and reaches audiences. Investing not only in a photo booth or experience, but the right strategy is a worthwhile cause. First off, set a goal for your event. Have this discussion beforehand, and you will know what to expect along with the myriad of capabilities you may have at your disposal. Some things to consider, but not mutually exclusive:



  1. Social Reach and Measurability What social platforms are most relevant to you? Do you need to measure it?
  2. Unique and Novel Photo Experience Are you looking for something to strictly act as entertainment?
  3. Brandability and Customization How customized and branded does the entire experience have to be for you or your client?
  4. Throughput Is it imperative to get as many people in and out as fast as possible? Time, guest count, type of media, and the number of booths will play a role.
  5. Incentivizing a Call To Action Is there anything else the user should do? (Example: Download this app or subscribe to this newsletter)
  6. Lead Generation / Lead Capture (data capture) Do you want to collect emails, phone numbers, or need custom reporting? (Onsite and post-event engagement)

With the use of a photo booth for marketing, you will create a content shortcut for yourself. It is a lot easier to produce photo content at volume than to create the equivalent text-based content. A photo experience can create the type of material that helps stay at the top of your customer’s minds. We at Splendid Studio have customized and curated custom social media packages that fit a variety of needs. These type of packages include:

  • Custom social media messages
  • Microsites
  • Sharing Software Interfaces
  • Photo Booth Software Interfaces
  • Post Event Reports (analytics, web analytics, engagement)

Do you have an event that could use elements of our social media package? We’ll personally work with you to set up a goal for your event. CONTACT US and see how we can best utilize a photo experience to make your event a success.

beautiful photo booth images

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