Five Tips to Help You Find the Best Photo Booth for You

A photo booth is a must-have for your wedding. There are multiple purposes for one including wedding favors, a guestbook, and simply a fun way to incorporate a memorable element to your big day. Each photo booth company will be a little different than the next. Not only do you want to find the perfect one for your wedding theme, but also you do not want to waste your money on a lackluster experience.

Since this is right up our alley, we found these tips helpful during your search for the perfect photo booth:

1. Do Your Research

Learn about whom they are, the type of events they have done, and if they are known in the wedding community Do the company and staff seem reputable on popular wedding sites? Read different reviews and customer testimonials.


2. Don’t Settle for Subpar Quality Photos
Don’t be afraid to ask about the type of equipment (i.e. camera and printer) the photo booth uses. This will make the difference between lasting memories and mediocre photos. Most photo booths use either point and shoot cameras or digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras. DSLR cameras produce better images, however, if the company does not use this camera, there probably is a good reason – find out. (some even use webcams)A camera is only as good as its printer. Generally, photo booth companies use either dye sublimation printers or ink jet printers. Dye sublimation printers will result in better picture quality due to how differently the photos are processed. Dye sublimation printers require heat to transfer dyes while ink jets spray droplets onto the paper. A few things to think about:

Qualities of Dye Sublimation Printers:
– A protective gloss to prevent discoloration
– Prints and dries quickly
– Dust, water, and fingerprint resistant
– Variety of paper sizesQualities of Ink Jet Printers
– Better for text vs. pictures
– Longer printing times
– Not dust, water, and fingerprint resistant

3. Request to See the Photo Booth Ahead of Time
Some companies sell you the photo booth experience but will show up with a tripod camera, portable background, and a laptop. This is probably not what you were looking for. By asking to see the photo booth ahead of time, you will have better peace of mind that your memories will be captured in the way that you imagined.

personalize photo booth
4. Personalize your Photo Booth
When contacting photo booth vendors, ask about customizations because there are several different ways to snazz up your photos.
– Add more than a last name and date
– Create custom graphics
– Choose the number and placement of photos per print
– Include a variety of backgrounds
– Play with fun props
– Explore your options when it comes to finding the perfect photo booth. This is your chance to make your wedding memorable, so don’t settle for less.

A La Carte
While some photo booth companies advertise low prices and package deals, notice the fine print. For example, certain add-ons are extra charges that should be included. Typically, these services are offered within your price:

– Setup and tear down services
– A set amount of time in the photo booth (sometimes it’s unlimited!)
– At least one printed photo every time a guest enters the photo boothLet’s say you have three or four people enter the photo booth together. Do they each get their own printed photo? Do they have to go in four separate times in order for each person to receive a take-home picture? An unlimited photo booth does not mean guests will receive unlimited prints or free reprints. But rather, you as the host will not be limited to the number of times guests visit the photo booth and the prints resulting from those visits.

You may want to add a guestbook package – that way you guests can take one home and you can save one for your memories.

Knowing your vendor’s company, the equipment and pricing will help in making the decision that is right for you. Choosing a photo booth shouldn’t solely be based on price. Ask yourself… What is the actual COST of going with the “cheaper” alternative?

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